UX Issues in any ebook reader

I liked kindle because it is less harmful for eyes, less distraction in comparison of mobile, portable, give me the feeling of a paper, and many books can be stored so it save space and money both. But it doesn’t fit right to all…

It depends on how you use it

Distraction is always considered as a problem. When you’re in a college, chatting with your crush distracts you from studying hard. And definitely, that semester may end with the big noise in your family. …

We all understand the importance of mocking real services. Without moking, a service can give unexpected result after a few update and delete operations. With mocking, the result of GET will never change, no matter how many times you UPDATE.

The purpose of this article is to explain how to…

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In the attempt of motivating people for #opensource development, I’ve received response from approx 18 contributors in 4 weeks. With this experience I would like to share a #guideline with all the fresh #contributors and the authors who welcome fresh contributors.


Accepting contribution from #first_timers is not just about taking…

Fast router for NodeJs web frameworks with great possibilities

I have recently started working on a web framework मुनीम (muneem) which can be used to write fast web services. As I’m focusing on fast services, I tried and compare many routers, unique Id generators, loggers etc.

In case of routing…

Parse \ Validate XML into JS \ JSON rapidly.

Fast XML Parser (FXP)is the JS library which validate and parse a XML syntactically without applying the rules of XSD. It has completed it’s one year with 85k Downloads and 175+ github stars. …

Amit Kumar Gupta

I'm software engineer with a research mindset

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